The Byzantine Empire was one of the greatest states in the world. Its extent both in place and in time is impressive. It linked continents, cultures, societies and people, it knew periods of ineffable glory and bestowed on the world great cultural achievements. The 25 Byzantine and post-Byzantine museums and collections in Greece allow the visitor to get to know one of the most mystical civilizations.

The relationship between Byzantium and eastern Orthodox Christian tradition goes so deep that religion cannot be imagined without Byzantium or Byzantium without religion. This bond created greatly spiritual works of art steeped in the godliness of the faith and the glory of the mighty empire. Byzantine churches and monuments can be more easily understood when one sees the wealth of the museums.

Mobile icons in the timeless transcendental Orthodox style, liturgical vessels centuries old, mosaics of unequalled skill, coins and ceramic elements; all the exhibits in Byzantine museums captivate the mind of the visitor. An entire era is vividly displayed as one enters the Byzantine and Christian Museum in Athens, the Crypt of Agios Dimitrios in Thessaloniki, the Byzantine and Post-Byzantine Collection in Chania, Crete.